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Our logo is a stylized capital O representing the Greek letter omicron, rendered as a black disk surrounded by a blue ring (grey in monochrome renditions). Typically, but not necessarily, the word omicron in white Helvetica text is centered atop the disk. This logo was devised in 1979 for a predecessor organization, and is now a trademark of Omicron Software Systems.

Omicron Logo

We’ve played around with some animated logos but decided not to inflict them on unsuspecting visitors. If you’d like to see them, click on the thumbnails below. Each animation will open in a new window.

These animations were created using pov-ray, GraphicConverter and GIFfun, on an Apple Macintosh computer running Mac OS X.

These and all other images at (except those otherwise attributed) are ©2003-2016 Omicron Software Systems, All Rights Reserved.


Thumbnail of OmicronAnimation1.gif Thumbnail of OmicronAnimation2.gif
1.1 MB animated GIF image 1.5 MB animated GIF image