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ToDo X: Fonts


ToDo X uses several sizes and styles of the Lucida Grande and Helvetica fonts for various purposes. A few special characters, such as circled numbers and checkmarks, aren’t present in those fonts and will be obtained via font substitution. They’ll typically be drawn from Zapf Dingbats (checkmarks, circled numbers) and/or AppleGothic Regular (checkboxes).

In a standard Mac OS X installation these fonts will be present in /System/Library/Fonts or /Library/Fonts. However, utilities such as FontBook and Suitcase can be used to enable and disable fonts on the fly, install and remove fonts, or substitute alternate versions of standard system fonts.

Be aware that doing so can affect the behavior of your applications. The symptoms are usually cosmetic, unless you have a corrupted font installed or you do something to a font while an application is using it. In such cases more serious effects, such as application freezes or crashes, can occur.

If ToDo X is not displaying your data properly, or its user interface differs from our screen shots, that might well be attributable to an issue with the fonts on your system. As a quick test, view this page with Safari and compare the following two lines. If they differ other than in size or spacing, then you probably have some font issue that will affect ToDo X.

☞ ➊ Lucida Grande text ▲▼ ✔ ✘ ▢
image version of previous line

You can investigate font issues using our free application FontRevealer.